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 January 21, 2015     ~     Vol VII    Issue 2


Re-Thinking Retirement

Most baby boomers that I know tried to do a good job of saving money for the future. However, the last few years have been rough on a lot of well meaning older workers. The well laid plans that many baby boomers had for retirement seemed to stutter or fail.

What Are Some Financial Problems That Baby Boomers Have Today?

The economy bled jobs, and unemployment was particularly hard on older workers who planned to keep their current position until they retirement. This meant that many older folks had to dig into their retirement accounts to pay bills, and they certainly were not adding any more money to their accounts.
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Money Management Tips in Retirement

15 Money Saving Tips

Paying for Retirement

Save Money on Insurance

Vocation Vacations - Test Drive a Second Career

Social Security - Get Into It!







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In each new issue of Top Active Adult Communities, we bring you new and established active adult communities from across the country.  Not all of these developments are age-restricted - some of them attract singles and families - but many of them offer the amenities and lifestyle sought by retirees and empty-nesters.



Cooper Point Village

4125 Capital Mall Dr. SW, Olympia, Washington  98502

(360) 956-9400

Single story apartments

Priced from $1,340 per month

Age Restriction:  55+

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Attached garages, full size washer and dryers, community events

Daniel Island

101 River Landing Dr., Charleston, South Carolina 29492

(843) 971-7100

Town homes, condominiums and single family homes

Priced from $215,000

Age Restriction:  All ages

Web Site

An island town within Charleston; country club, golf course, restaurants, shopping

Sun City Center

1002 Cherry Hills Drive, Sun City Center, Florida   33573

(813) 633-3500 (Community Association Office)

Single family homes and condominiums

Priced from $29,000 (new homes)

Age Restriction:  55+

Web Site

Fitness center, clubs and planned activities; two neighborhoods (original Sun City and newer Kings Point)

Isabella Village at Savannah

905 Dogwood Trail, Aubrey, Texas  76227

(972) 347-5458 

Single family homes

Priced from $200,650

Age Restriction:  55+

Web Site

Located within a larger, all ages master-planned community

Trilogy at Power Ranch

4331 E. Chestnut Ln., Gilbert, Arizona  85298

(480) 279-2053

Single family homes (some rentals)

Priced from $254,800 (rentals from $900)

Age Restriction: 55+

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Gated, golf resort


Re-Thinking Retirement, continued....

Homes lost value. Many middle class people consider their house to be their largest asset. This disrupted plans to leverage a home's value for retirement income.

Market accounts also lost value, so the value of many retirement accounts has declined. Regular savings accounts and bank CDs are not paying a lot of interest. In fact, the interest that many of these traditional savings products offer will not keep up with inflation. It is hard for many baby boomers to figure out where they should put their money.

The cost of health care kept rising. Recent studies have demonstrated that this increase is mostly due to rising prices too. Baby boomers are very concerned about securing affordable access to good health care during their retirement years.

Solutions To Today's Retirement Woes

Many clever people from the baby boomer generation have begun to sort out their problems and look for answers. Many of these people had to drop their old visions of life after full time work. Some people replaced these old, and out dated ideas, with new goals and plans for the future. It is much easier to make effective retirement plans when you start early. But a lot of boomers are finding out that it is not too late to re-think their retirement plans.

There is good news. Today's older workers can expect to live longer and more productive lives than past generations. This may give them more time to act.

Some may just count on working a few more years in order to make up the gaps. Others still plan to retire from their current job, on time, but pursue some sort of semi-retirement. In fact, a lot of older folks look forward to starting a new chapter in their lives by entering a new field or starting a business.

Other baby boomers are trying to figure out if they can change their lifestyle in order to make do with less income and savings. They are trying to cut out waste, simplify their lives, and become more frugal. Done correctly, these changes do not have to be painful. In fact, sometimes learning to be more frugal can become a game!

Frugal steps may include different types of housing. The old family home may really be too costly to keep up. Others, who want to stay in their houses, are figuring out how to use those houses to provide income!

Can You Re-Think Retirement?

Re Think Retirement Stop by for some new strategies to plan retirement during changing times! You may even get excited by the idea of semi-retirement.

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